NAV Payroll
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Data Visibility

We make payroll painless.


Data Visibility

gives you the power to improve efficiency like never before.


Unparalleled Visibility

  • Employees can be attached to work centers, production order, shipments and receipts to provide unparalleled visibility cost of labor by item, customer, or a combination of both.
  • With NAV Payroll, you can also attach certain employees globally to all production orders, shipments and/or receipts.  This will apply their labor cost to each order that is outputted, received, and/or shipped with one simple setup.
  • This functionality provides accurate visibility into the labor cost associated with every product created and sold.

Labor Cost Analysis Tool

  • NAV already has exceptional tracking of material costs.  But there is crucial piece of information missing – how to apply labor costs to the products you produce?  Frequently, direct labor can be MORE expensive per pound than the material in the finished product. 
  • With NAV Payroll's Labor Cost Analysis Tool, you can roll up your material PLUS labor costs on all your production orders, shipments and receipts allowing management to easily identify areas of inefficiency.
  • There has never been anything like this available for NAV...until now.