NAV Payroll
Pay Day should be Painless

True Integration

We make payroll painless.


 True Integration

means NAV Payroll is NOT a plug-in.


NAV Payroll was built in NAV using standard NAV programming. 

  • This is NOT a plug-in for NAV. 
  • NAV Payroll is seamlessly integrated with NAV. 
  • Because NAV Payroll is built using NAV code, you will NEVER notice that NAV Payroll is not part of base NAV. 

Direct Posting

  • A fully integrated Microsoft NAV solution means all payroll entries post directly to the standard NAV general ledger, vendor ledgers, bank ledgers, etc. 
  • You do not have to transfer balances in order to record payments to EFTPS (payroll taxes), your 401K provider or medical insurance provider. 


  • Standard NAV dimensions can be associated with payroll employees in order to separate and analyze labor expenses by any grouping setup as a dimension code. 
  • True integration gives you unparalleled transparency into your payroll expenses, withholdings and benefits and how they impact the company’s overall profitability.

No More 3rd Party Payer Requests

  • No more sending requests to your third party payroll provider.
  • All of this information will be readily available and at the tip of your finger.