NAV Payroll
Pay Day should be Painless

NAV Payroll

Pay Day should be Painless

If Microsoft NAV is your ERP system, NAV Payroll is your payroll solution.

NAV Payroll is a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV payroll solution designed from the ground up with one goal in mind, simplicity.  A pay period can be run and posted with just a few clicks of the mouse, and the posting setups are flexible enough to handle any payroll requirement.  NAV Payroll delivers exceptional visibility into payroll expenses and how they impact your company’s profitability by item and/or customer. 

If you want all the visibility and control that NAV Payroll provides without the headaches associated with filing the payroll tax forms, NAV Payroll also has an additional service option that will take care of all your payroll tax filings and produce employee W-2’s each year.


Make payroll work for you.



True Integration

NAV Payroll was built in NAV using standard NAV programming.  This is not a plug-in for NAV.  This is the NAV payroll solution. 


Eliminate headaches and wasted time by processing payroll in the same ERP system that processes all of your other business functions.  You will never have to move payroll figures from your payroll system to NAV again or worry about balance discrepancies.


NAV Payroll was designed to meet your diverse reporting requirements. Drill down to data that matters or summarize multiple payroll codes into one column using the NAV Payroll Custom Column Designer.

easy to use

Calculate payroll for many employees, cut checks, and post payments with a few clicks of the mouse using NAV Payroll's batch payroll processing functionality.


Data Visibility

Employees and their associated labor cost can be linked to any document in NAV, including shipment, receipts, production orders, etc. This functionality provides accurate visibility into the labor cost associated with every product created and sold. In addition, NAV Payroll contains a Labor Cost Analysis Tool that will calculate the cost per unit of every employee allowing management to easily identify areas of inefficiency. There has never been anything like this available for NAV...until now.

Painless Payday Premium

Make payday even easier by letting NAV Payroll make all your federal payroll tax deposits and file all your payroll-related tax returns with Painless Payday Premium. 

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