NAV Payroll
Pay Day should be Painless


We make payroll painless.



because now payroll is processed in your ERP system.


Automated to Reduce Paperwork and Data Entry

  • With the extraordinary automation included in NAV Payroll coupled with the payroll approvals functionality, the HR department will no longer be bogged down with endless paperwork, data entry and processing – freeing HR to focus on other matters. 

Run Batches, Make Direct Deposits and Produce Checks in Minutes

  • You can run batches, make direct deposits, auto-email check stubs to employees and print checks all in a matter of minutes.

Efficiently Track and Approve Vacation and Sick Time

  • Employees can request vacation time via the NAV Payroll Web App, and managers can approve/deny the requested time in NAV Payroll.  The history of these transactions allows the HR department to track what was requested, when it was approved/denied, and who approved/denied it.  All of the approved hours are automatically brought into payroll processing earnings code lines.
  • NAV Payroll makes requesting and tracking vacation and holiday hours so much easier. You can leave behind the days of having to modify every employee’s payroll earning code lines whenever there is vacation time, sick time, or holidays.  
  • Holidays are automatically incorporated into payroll based on your company’s calendar.